DA announces $860G to help in North Central Mass. opioid battle

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. announced Thursday that his office has been awarded $860,000 in federal grants that will help divert substance abusers into treatment programs if they are arrested and pay for a new study through Fitchburg State University that will map opioid use in the region.

Early, who made the announcement at Leominster District Court alongside local elected and police officials, said $500,000 of the money from the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance will be used to pay for substance abusers facing criminal prosecution to have the option of entering a treatment program through AdCare Hospital in Worcester.

“When we have someone in need of services for substance abuse disorders, specifically opioid addition, we’re going to get a call and we’re going to get AdCare involved. And then we’re going to divert that person away from the criminal justice program,” he said.

Read the full article on Sentinel and Enterprise website.

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