Worcester County

Justice. Compassion. Fairness. Equality. Safety.

These are the values of Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early, Jr. Working for the people of Worcester County, DA Early is committed to ensuring that all Worcester County families are able to live in safe and vibrant neighborhoods. Together, we can continue to emphasize crime prevention and diversion to build a stronger future for our young people and for our communities.

Whether it is protecting the lives and safety of young people, investing in the fight to combat the opioid epidemic, or advancing policies to reduce crime, Joe Early, Jr. is an experienced and effective District Attorney who has been recognized as a successful innovator and advocate. Law enforcement leaders and area residents are thrilled that Joe Early, Jr. is ready to serve the people of Worcester again. 

Now, more than ever, Worcester County needs a proven, compassionate, experienced District Attorney who will continue to improve our criminal justice system and who will put the residents of Worcester County first.


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Primary Election: September 4, 2018
General Election: November 6, 2018
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